Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm baaaaaack and this time I mean it!

For the past few years, quilting has become more a chore than a hobby for me. I am trying to find the fun in it again. This said, I started rifling though the closet in my craft/art/sewing/spare bedroom looking for something to inspire me to quilt.

In this huge walk-in closet full of, well, stuff. You can find anything from wrapping paper to magazines to fabric to several long lost relatives in there. Also in this closet are many UFO’s (known in the quilting world as UnFinished Objects). As I dug (yes, literally dug) through my closet, one UFO project I stumbled (yes, literally stumbled) across the infamous Y2K Quilt Project. What is the Y2K Quilt Project you ask? Craziness, I tell you! Craziness!

The Premise: Collect 2000 2" squares from every single state and country you could. The quilter with the most participants wins. (Okay, I made that last part up, but that was how it felt.)

The Goal: To complete a quilt using 2000 different 2" pieces of fabric by the year 2000.

The Result: A box shoved in my closet for 9+ years.

If you haven’t figured this out yet, if you want to RECEIVE 2000 charms or 2” squares, you have to MAIL 2000 2” squares. To meet other quilters who had half wrapped bobbins such as yourself, you could go to the one and only (back then) quilting website… The World Wide Quilting something or other. On this site you could sign up for of which was the Y2K swap.

For those of you who don't know squat about quilting, the Y2K project swept us quilters off our feet! This was a HUGE undertaking which took up WAY too much of our time. For those of you who DO know squat about quilting, you are giggling (Barbara, Anne and Jane) right now. YOU remember this, don't you?

And thus, around 1998 or so, the craziness began. We were all in a frenzy! Cutting, mailing, collecting, making our "signies" (signies were a little 2" square where you, um, signed your name, state, etc.), composing "About You" letters, etc. Charms in/charms out. Crazy. Insane. Fun. And competitive. Messages and emails (thank God we didn't text then!) back and forth...did you get Wisconsin? What about Wyoming? Know anyone from Japan? Cutting, mailing, cutting, mailing, cutting, mailing….

I don’t know exactly when the craziness ended, but it did. It probably ended around the same time all of the crazy quilters collectively realized we had to actually SEW these pieces together and put the little suckers into a quilt. Sure, you had your over-achieve quilters who made their blocks as soon as the envelopes arrive. I can name a few. These were the same quilters you wanted to whack with a yard stick. For the most part, however, I am willing to bet there are many, many, many Y2K UFO’s around the world. Come on! Admit it! You have a similar box in your closet!

Friday, March 20, 2009

And now for WEEK 9!

Here we go! Look at me getting caught up! Holy all should be impressed with me! Anywho...week nine's question is:

What was the last brave thing I did?

The answer for me was easy, but making the tag and opening myself up was very difficult. Here is my answer:

On the back I wrote:

Being brave, does it still count if you are forced to be brave? If so, the last brave thing I did was telling my 17 year old it was time for him to leave our home. He clearly didn't want to live here anymore and he was destroying our family. It was time to release him into an unknown scary world. I may regret not fighting harder. Isn't that what bravery is all about? Making decisions that may or may not haunt you in the future?

Art Info: Painted tag with black metallic fabric paint and then sprayed copper spray paint randomly over it. Then I dabbed white and grey inks to give it some depth. Edged in copper. Stamped "Brave" in white craft ink. The Fragile sticker is old is not a copy, but actual photo.)

52Q - Week 8

And here we are at week 8 (okay, I am a few weeks behind....). Week eight's question is:

What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

Here is my answer:

I can't even remember the last time I laughed out loud because it happens SO OFTEN! My friends and family are always cracking me up. Without these people in my life, I would be lost. They all truly know that without laughter, I would cry. My loved ones -old and new life long friends - where would I be without you? You all keep me smiling...on good and bad days. For this I love you and thank you.

Truthfully, I am really not a fan of the art on this tag. It isn't really my style...but I love the sentiment.

Art info: Torn the Sunday funnies into strips and glued them on overlapping the edges. On the edge I punched holes for funky ribbon. The back has a pocket (ATC sleeve) for the journaling info.

WAAAAAY Behind in Blogging!

Well, forgive me (again)....I have (again) been neglecting my blog. I really wish I was better at keeping up with this. I have been busy making art, that is a good thing. Of course, since my sanity depends on it, I guess it is a VERY good thing! Here are the "returns" from the Text Rolodex Swaps....I just love them!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Butterflies are Everywhere!

At a local library sale last year, I purchased this great book about butterflies. The "Plates" included in this book are amazing. I love using butterflies in my art whenever I can and this month's rolodex cards are not exception. March's theme for the monthly rolodex card swap was 'text'. Here are the cards I made. I am mailing them off today.


One of the latest and greatest trends in the Altered Art world is Rolodex Cards. Of course, artists just can't leave anything alone, can we? We look at almost everything in our lives and wonder how we can "Artify" it. The same is true with Rolodex Cards! I started making and collecting these little pieces of art about a year ago. Recently, I joined a new yahoo Altered Art group how as offering a monthly Rolodex Card swap. I was hooked! Each month there is a different theme....last month was Black And White. Here is my art and what I got back....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Week 5 - 52Q "How do I feel today?"

How do I feel today? Hmmmmm...I woke
in a great mood...not sure why...but slowly
my mood shifted some.

Today I am feeling homesick...very, very homesick. I am from a very rural area in family and many friends still live there. Moving to the "Big City" (aka the Boston area) was a major culture shock for a country girl...but you know what they say, "You can take the girl out of the country...". I have lived in Massachusetts for 15 years and 4 months. Other than the first dreadful year after I moved here, I have never been as homesick as I am right now. So, my tag for this week is about that....How do I feel today? Homesick. The back of the tag reads: Today I am feeling very homesick. I miss my family and old friends tremendously. I miss walking down old dird roads feeling my troubles and worries leaving my soul with every single step I take. I miss driving in mountains that I know like my own body. I miss the smells of home. The country air, the sweet fragerance of my hometown. I miss the old oak tree which stands in the farmer's field. I am homesick and I ache for home.

Art info: I used an extra-large manila tag and distressed it lightly with black ink and a "stratch" stamp. For the collage I used old sheet music, black paper and a lace sticker. The image is from ArtChix. Edged in black chalk.